Quarry Bowl Rosa Portugal | EE

Designed by Zoë Mowat  |  Handcrafted by Pedro Eira and Emanuel Matos

The Quarry Bowl celebrates the beauty of Portuguese stone and quietly recalls the strata of stone blocks found in rock quarries. Segments of three different types of Portuguese marble are fused together before they are machined into a soft concave form and hand polished.⁠ One of the first products offered by Origin Made, the Quarry Bowl has been put out of production due to production and material cost increases. Only a few pieces with the original design are available currently.

Experimental Editions are one-off pieces and are not exchangeable/refundable.

Images provided in Experimental Editions are of the specific listed piece.

Production: Portugal

Portuguese Marble, Various: Rosa Portugal, Branco Anilado, & Ruivina Escuro

Ø 30cm x (h) 9.5cm

Care Instructions:
Use a dry soft cloth
Do not use household cleaners

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