Pedro Eira | Emanuel Matos

Working with stone as a material is an extremely technical and complex undertaking. Pedro Eira relishes this challenge and has spent the past 30 years in his family's stonemason business in the North of Portugal. Intense yet rewarding at the same time, Pedro feels that he cannot imagine himself choosing a different profession, as he thrives on planning and then executing each stone project from beginning to end, enjoying the fruits of his labor when an elaborate outcome is achieved from a simple block of stone. As a point of reference, Origin Made's Spiral and Flight Sculptures appear similar to the layman's eyes, however the actual production process of these pieces are each completely unique, with the qualities of the Roman Travertine material accounting for the necessary differences.

Employees at Pedro's family-owned factory are also well aware of the difficulties of the job - Emanuel Matos was so overwhelmed by the challenges on his first day of work that he had considered giving up, however he had resolved to try again day after day, and since then he has already stayed for 20 years. Emanuel works in the finishing department, where his technical experience and expert skills empower him to handle processes that require plenty of handwork. At Origin Made, we work closely with Pedro's factory to realize refined designs in small-batch production, often on a made-to-order basis.