Portal Vases

Designed by Christian Haas  |  Handcrafted by António Marques

These series of oversized Barro Preto vases are hand pressed by the craftsman to create a series of deformations to a cylindrical form. The designer Christian Haas and craftsman António Marques worked together to refine what it means to be “hand formed”, resulting in a new technique of form making where every piece is unique. The natural darkness of the Barro Preto reflects minimal light, creating the sense of a black portal. Like a portal through time, each vase connects the ancient craft of making Barro Preto together with modern contemporary design.

Estimated lead time 3-4 weeks.

Production: Portugal

Material: Barro Preto

Small: 220 L x 170 W x 440 H mm
Large: 350L x 260 W x 625 H mm

Care Instructions:
Use a dry soft cloth
Do not use household cleaners

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