Portal Vases

Designed by Christian Haas  |  Handcrafted by António Marques

These series of oversized Barro Preto vases are hand pressed by the craftsman to create a series of deformations to a cylindrical form. The designer Christian Haas and craftsman António Marques worked together to refine what it means to be “hand formed”, resulting in a new technique of form making where every piece is unique. The natural darkness of the Barro Preto reflects minimal light, creating the sense of a black portal. Like a portal through time, each vase connects the ancient craft of making Barro Preto together with modern contemporary design.

Production: Portugal

Material: Barro Preto
Due to this material and handcrafted process, the vases might present some different shades and color variations. All of our pieces are uniquely handcrafted and no one is the same as the other. Observations of such differences across products or orders does not constitute a basis for order cancellation or product returns.

Small: 220 L x 170 W x 440 H mm
Large: 350L x 260 W x 625 H mm

Care Instructions:
Use a dry soft cloth and do not use household cleaners. While the product has already been delicately hand lacquered after firing by the craftsperson, it may not be 100% waterproof, therefore we recommend placing dried flowers or plants only. 

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