Barco Basket Sculptures

Designed and Handcrafted by Idoia Cuesta
Barco, which means ‘boat’ in Spanish, is the result of the creative explorations and professional weaving expertise of Idoia Cuesta, a master basketry artisan based in Galicia. Idoia interwined recyclable monofilament fishing lines with natural rattan to produce these luxuriously sculptural objects that challenge the limits of traditional basketry craft. The interplay of textures in the overlapping materials to form a boat-like vessel invites closer inspection, drawing the eyes to the intricate woven details allowing Barco to be displayed as a visually captivating sculpture by itself. Available in two sizes, the Barco sculptures reflect splendour both when presented alone or in their complete pair.

Estimated lead time 6-8 weeks.

Production: Spain 

Material: Fishing Line and Rattan
As a handcrafted product, each piece is unique. Observations of such differences across products or orders does not constitute a basis for order cancellation or product returns.

330 x 250 x 190 mm (small)
420 x 300 x 270 mm (large)

Care Instructions
Use a dry soft cloth
Do not use household cleaners
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