Designed by Shane Schneck  |  Handcrafted by João Monteiro

Jug is a water jug made of clay that reinterprets the historic typology with an upright profile and ergonomic handle. To encourage the user to consume tap water instead of from plastic bottles, Jug is a beautiful daily use object that never needs to be stored away. Its presence should remind and encourage us to consume local water, while keeping its contents cool with the thermal insulation property of porcelain.

Production: Portugal

Material: Porcelain
100% fully handcrafted in delicate porcelain, each piece is one-of-its-kind with potential variations in color, shape and texture. Observations of such differences across products or orders does not constitute a basis for order cancellation or product returns.

175 L x 110 W x 241 H mm

Care Instructions:
Dishwasher safe
Suitable for warm and cold drinks

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