Charred Vase Cup | EE

Designed by Gabriel Tan  |  Handcrafted by João Lourenço

Created through the ancient Portuguese art of Barro Preto, the Charred Vase undergoes a unique firing process in an underground pit, where the absence of oxygen results in a textured blend of black, grey, and earth tones. This technique, a dwindling tradition mastered by few artisans, is being revitalised by Gabriel Tan and João Lourenço to preserve its legacy. This particular Charred Vase Cup was part of the initial firing testing batches, which resulted in it exhibiting irregular tones. Depending on where within the fire pit a vase is placed, and how far away it is from other vases, the eventual tones and consistency can vary. This irregularity is a tangible and beautiful embodiment of the prototyping journey for this product.

Experimental Editions are one-off pieces and are not exchangeable/refundable.

Images provided in Experimental Editions are of the specific listed piece.

Production: Portugal

Barro Preto

140 L x 100 W x 130 H mm

Care Instructions:
Use a dry soft cloth
Do not use household cleaners

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