Brut Soft Square White | EE

Designed by Philippe Malouin  |  Handcrafted by Vitor Silva and Jairo Lourenço

These brutalist modular sculptures allow the user to compose different forms for holding fruits, jewellery, and stationery or act as statement centrepieces. Final production pieces come in coloured concrete (beige, grey and brown) exuding a muted playfulness, while this singular design prototype was cast in pure white, giving it a radiant and refined look.

Experimental Editions are one-off pieces and are not exchangeable/refundable.

Images provided in Experimental Editions are of the specific listed piece.

Production: Portugal

Material: Concrete
White Concrete

230 L x 230 W x 80 H mm

Care Instructions:
Use a dry soft cloth
Do not use household cleaners

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