Origin Made

Human Tradition

Origin Made designs and works with small-scale producers to make craft collectibles for the home, which we believe can serve an important role in modern society. Handmade processes bear a sense of nostalgia and authenticity, inspiring us to refocus our attention on people and human relationships. By pairing contemporary design with craftskills developed over generations, we create interior objects, lighting and furniture that can be enjoyed and appreciated across time. Collaborating directly with family-run workshops and solo artisans enable us to discover local methods and raw materials which we endeavor to communicate through unique products. The role of raw materials as the base of our existence also deserves to be celebrated. We wish to invite people to use a different lens to perceive raw materials, not as plain commodities but as the foundational building block of art and design. We hope that by fostering a deeper relationship between mankind and these materials, we will feel a closer connection and responsibility to the planet that we all share.