Salt Vase Orange Small | EE

Designed by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio  |  Handcrafted by João Lourenço

Ladies & Gentlemen Studio were entranced by the diverse range of textures and hues on display at João Lourenço's ceramic workshop. This immediately prompted them to explore novel avenues for showcasing the exquisite artistry of João’s craft. Intrigued by the captivating spectrum of colors that emerge when metallic salts are infused into clay during the firing process, they inquired whether this effect could be applied to Pasta Grés Chamotada, a clay with intricate texturing. The outcome of their experimentation materialized as the Salt Vases – a duo of tabletop vases, radiating earthy orange and delicate cobalt blue tones. This Salt Vase was part of the initial production batch of this product. Depending on where within the fire pit a vase is placed, and how far away it is from other vases, the eventual tones and consistency can vary. As a result of the experimentation process, this particular vase shows varying patches of dark and light orange, which makes it an aesthetically interesting item.

Experimental Editions are one-off pieces and are not exchangeable/refundable.

Images provided in Experimental Editions are of the specific listed piece.

Production: Portugal

Pasta Grés Chamotada finished in Earth Orange

125 Ø x 120 H mm

Care Instructions:
Use a dry soft cloth
Do not use household cleaners

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